Tandy’s Power Bites

Power Bite 11: 
It's All From The Heart

So, are you leading your life from your heart?   Let's chat! You can reach me HERE... https://bit.ly/2QPJCQZ

Power Bite 10:
Get Out of Your Normal Environment

Power Bite 9:
Make Your Stand... Then Duck!

Power Bite 8:
Who Gave You Your Beliefs?

Power Bite 7:
How to Speak Up and Set Your Holiday Boundaries!

Power Bite 6:
What Is Your Favorite Holiday Tradition?

Power Bite 5:
What Are You Tolerating?

Power Bite 4:
WTH is Joy?

Power Bite 3:
Being the Authentic You - Halloween Edition!

Power Bite 2:
5 Steps to Lessen the Grip of Fear

Power Bite 1:
What Are You Hiding?